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Love-Hate Meme
the_pathmaker wrote in lanyrinth_rpooc
Meme Time!
1. Comment with your Character

2. Reply to other's people's comments
3. For each comment you make, flip a coin.
Heads: You are madly in love with this person! You must have them and now!
Tails: You despise this person, and you want to hurt them!
Keeping making flips for each comment you make.
4. Have fun!

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[Oh this could be interesting]

Hello Tamaki.

[Yujinn is standing way too close to him by the way. He can't seem to prevent himself from brushing his arm.]

Hey Yujinn [Slinging his arm around his shoulder.]

[Yujinn leans up against him and kisses his cheek.] You look lovely today.

[Is that a blush there?] You do too

[She doesn't know why, but she can't help but hate you and give you disgusted looks. Maybe its because you're her annoying cousin she hated?

OOC: Sorry, tails :<]

Ishtar, is something wrong?

[But he's desperately in love with you, go figure...]

Yes! I need you!

[Why do I have a bad feeling about this?]

Ishtar! [He is so delighted to see you!]

Girl is getting away from Zatharas. *glares*

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